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What are the Company Service Rates ?

Service Rates:

    Standard Business Hourly Fee - $125.00

    Standard Personal Hourly Fee - $75.00

    Senior Citizen Hourly Fee (Non-Business) - $35.00

    Standard Travel Hourly Fee - $25.00 (Where Applicable).

Web Design Rates:

    Annual Web Name Fee - $15.00.

    Annual Web Hosting Fee - $50.00.

    Standard Web Site Design Fee Standard Length Page (8.5"x11") - $100.00 Per Page

    Standard Web Site Design with Database Fee - (Call for Quote).

    Standard Web Site Design with Shopping Cart Fee - (Call for Quote).

Cabling Rates:

    Standard Cable Run Fees (Each) - $125.00

Maintenance Service Contracts:

    6-Month Service Contract Rates (Call for Quote).

    1-Year Service Contract Rates (Call for Quote).

NOTES: Includes Software Updates, Backups/Restores, Virus Maintenance, Hardware Repairs and/or Upgrades (Parts = Additional Fees).

What Application is used to Provide Remote Technical Support?

TeamViewer (See TeamViewer.com for details).

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